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Patent Acquisition

TeleMedC has successfully acquired all patents related to EyeScan device which is the only multipurpose ophthalmic device in the world with over 7 imaging options:

  • 1) Non-mydriatic fundus imaging
  • 2) Mydriatic fundus imaging
  • 3) Slit-lamp
  • 4) Red-reflex function for cataract
  • 5) Fluorescent imaging of anterior segment
  • 6) Tear film analysis module
  • 7) Florescent imaging of the retina

This will be a truly low cost device and will be affordable to primary care physicians with much ease of operation. The image quality is comparable to expensive gold standard fundus cameras in the market.

TeleMedC is now in the process of raising funds for the manufacturing and further improvement of its product.

EyeScan being used at International Space Station!!


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